PCB Assembly: Typical Order Process

The printed circuit board (PCB) business is a multi-billion dollar industry that has a global reach. In fact, it is forecasted to earn revenues of more than $90 billion in 2017. The North American division of this industry has been consistently showing growth in the first quarter of 2016. The PCB business is expected to produce products that are of high-quality and have more compatibility with a range of products that require electronic components. Here www.pcbnet.com, you can get more information about printed circuit board (PCB) products.

The PCB assembly sector in the United States continues to manufacture boards using state-of-the-art equipment. For the last 27 years, Imagineering, Inc., based in Illinois, has been manufacturing PCBs. They have loyal customers such as Motorola, Whirlpool, Siemens, Lexmark, NASA, etc. which rely on their quality PCBs.

Imagineering provides a whole range of services and it is the pioneer in easy online quotations and ordering of Full Turn-Key services. All the client has to do is to upload their Bill of Materials, and they will receive quotes in minutes. Aside from Full Turn-Key transactions, clients can also order Partial Turn-Key and even consignment services.

Pcb fabrication

The team of highly-skilled and trained professionals from Imagineering, combined with their state-of-the art equipment, makes them a leader in PCB Assembly services.

Turn-key service is beneficial for companies because it lessens the need to talk to and organize various vendors and parts. It offers just one bulk purchase order. There are also sourcing experts who look for different parts and are able to correctly order the appropriate number of parts. Ordering the correct number helps prevent production delays.

What typical order process will the company go through when they order?

First, they need to get all the information needed to assemble the PCB. The information submitted by companies to us is treated with utmost confidentiality. It is essential to gather all the important components. All the components should also be precise. This ensures fast turnaround time with the best possible results.

The data that are needed are the following:

Printed circuit boardsBill of Materials, Gerber Files or Assembly Drawing, and Pick-and-Place file or Centroid Data. Quantity and lead time should also be specified. When the Turn-key quote is finalized, the company has to send the following: Bill of Materials, 274X Format of Gerber Data or Assembly Drawing, Pick-and-Place file or Centroid Data, and an available sample. If the PCB is not ordered through Imagineering, then that should be sent as well. We recommend that the Bill of Materials be in digital format, preferably in an Excel file. The Bill of Materials is another important document that should contain complete information such as reference designator, component descriptor, package or case type, and name of manufacturer. If there are special instructions, they should also be sent with detailed information. For example, sample testing instructions, packing instructions, PCB specifications, and others should be made known by the client.

Why is an assembly drawing needed?

An assembly drawing can be submitted in PDF or JPEG file format. It is prepared by exporting a file of the PCB’s silkscreen layer. The main function of the assembly drawings during the PCB assembly process is to be able to give the machine operator sufficient data to test whether the rotation of each component is right and that every assembled component is on its precise position.

As mentioned earlier, the exact and precise position of each component is a very crucial part of PCB assembly. The automatic machine has to be fed with this information using center coordinates of the PCB components. Companies usually provide an exported CAD file from designated design software. Gerber files, which are images of the various PCB layers, are also needed. The built-in CAM module can export the Gerber files from the software. The stencil layers, the conductor layers, the markings on the PCBs, Vias and Solder resist layers should all be submitted in Gerber files.


During the actual PCB assembly process, the company is capable of using various types of processes such as surface-mount technology, Flip chip, Through-Hole Assembly, Cable Assemblies, Flex Circuit Assembly, and Wire harness assembly. Imagineering, Inc. is also capable of creating 22 layers of PCBs, creating 8 mil plated or 5 mil laser drilled holes, and creating a 6 ounce copper PCB with a maximum thickness of .300 inches.

The most common assembly usually has both through-hole components and surface-mount devices, so both of these assembly types are used in one board. Through-hole technology is most often used in components that contain wires, while surface-mount technology are placed directly onto the copper pads and do not require holes. Through-hole technology usually has more mechanical integrity, and is still used for switches and important connectors. However, there are some components previously using the through-hole format that were designed again to be soldered directly on the copper PCB surface. Through-hole components were replaced by surface-mount devices because they are easier to assemble during large productions which use automated equipment. Surface-mount devices also take up smaller spaces compared to through-hole devices.

Using ID Lanyards To Boost Employee Morale

Most companies these days, whether big or small, have invested in ID lanyards to identify their employees and make their brand known to the rest of the world. For many office buildings, enforcing the wearing of company lanyards is the norm, mainly because of security reasons. Any building owner would want to know that the people entering their premises are actually part of the companies currently occupying the office spaces.

Wearing one actually goes beyond that, and companies can use this theory of ours and take it to the next level: using lanyards to boost employee morale.

It may sound so mundane or even absurd for some company owners, but hear us out first and see if it just might be the next strategy your company needs to make happy workers out of your bored or even already burned out employees.

We all know that ID lanyards help promote a sense of pride whenever employees wear them, especially when the company is at its peak in the industry or has a fairly good reputation for being a successful business. Having everyone wear the same lanyard promotes a sense of belongingness, like they are part of the same team. But, what about when your company wishes to recognize its hard workers and motivate the rest of those with average performance to become at par with the achievers? You make it known to the rest of the company. And, what better (not to mention economical) way to do this than by using a system of classification through the use of the company lanyard.


We too, as a growing company, understand the importance of keeping your employees happy and motivated in order to ensure that they get the job done and your business stays successful. With this, we can help you achieve the desired level of motivation in your employees by using ID lanyards as a form of recognition. In effect, they will serve as “medals” to reward your top performers and elevate their morale by allowing them to wear a different lanyard for every successful phase in their careers. Now you might say that your company already uses different lanyards to separate one department from another and the rank-and-file workers from the supervisors, but we’re talking about a different kind of recognition system within the same department. Rewarding employees in this manner and “branding” those top performers will help keep the competitive air in each department. It will also encourage others to aim for those coveted lanyards the top performers are already wearing—the lanyards that signify a successful career.
ID LanyardsWholesalelanyards.com offers various lanyard styles to choose from—polyester, tubular, woven, nylon, dye sub, and cord lanyards. It all depends on the intricacy of the logo or text you wish to be placed on the lanyards. You can always go for impact and visibility or style and functionality. If you’re confused about what colors to use, we also offer consultation services to help you design the perfect lanyards for your company’s complex rewards and recognition systems. You can even make the lanyards extra special by including add-ons such as metal attachments. We also have various attachments to choose from—thumb triggers, carabiner hooks, cellphone loops, and key rings, to name a few. You can use them to customize the different lanyards you wish to use for recognizing your top performers.

Some companies would argue that the most effective reward system is monetary-based. We do agree, but we also ascertain that it might only work to some extent. For some people, being motivated by recognition itself will work just fine, and wouldn’t cost companies as much. We strongly encourage you to try something different to boost your employees’ morale by taking our suggestion. Who knows, using ID lanyards to improve worker motivation might just be the next strategy your company’s looking for to encourage your employees to work harder and reach their full potential. Not only that, it just might help your business reach its high point of success as well.

Choosing the Right Golf Ball

In order to excel in sports like golf, a golfer should have good command of concentration as well as being a good decision maker on the course. In most cases however, no matter how good a player may be, if he’s not equipped with good golf equipment, he cannot claim the victory in the game. Golf equipment can either make or break a golfer.

A golf game cannot be called a golf game without a golf ball. Without a ball, the golf club will be rendered useless since there is nothing to strike.

golfNot all golf equipment is the same and same goes with golf balls. The type of golf ball you’re going to use greatly affects the outcome of the game. For most golfers, choosing the right golf ball is one of the hardest and most critical decisions they’re going to make.

There are three types of golf balls which are all designed to do different things when struck by a golf club: distance, control, and spin.

You should also be able to determine which combination is the best for you. Most golf players purchase several golf balls in order to physically see which is the best fit for their playing style. Try playing multiple rounds of golf using different brands. You should pay close attention to how far the ball goes, how it handles the greens and how it rolls on the various surfaces in the golf field. Before your final golf equipment purchase, you should take the following into consideration:

Golf players with lower swing speed struggles for distance and should use a harder distance ball. Golfers with higher swing speed experience difficulties with controlling around the greens and should use a softer golf ball.

If you’re a lower swing player, why not try the Slazenger Select Distance Golf Balls, Pinnacle 2014 Gold Distance Golf Balls or the Nike Power Distance Long Golf Balls? If you’re a higher swing player, using either the Taylor Made Project Golf Balls, Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls Bridgestone Tour B330-S Golf Balls will improve your control over the game.

Golf players should also choose their golf balls depending on their needs and handicaps during the game. If the golf player has an excellent control but struggles with the distance, the two-piece ball like the Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls or the Pinnacle Gold Golf Balls is a smart choice. On the other hand, if the golf player is a powerful swinger but lacks control, the four piece ball like Taylor Made Tour Preferred Golf Balls or the Srixon Z Star 3 Tour Golf Balls is the best choice.

golf game

However, you should also always keep in mind that some players admit handicaps during the game. The higher the handicap of the player is, the poorer the player is. In contrast with this, the lower the handicap of the player is, the better the player is. For players who have high handicaps, since the probability of losing the ball is high, purchasing less expensive balls is a wise choice. The Bullet Golf Titanium 30-Ball Ammo Box is a perfect fit. It is a thirty (30) ball pack which not only delivers great performance but also offers the best price. You can also get hold of the Srixon Q-Star Golf Balls, a two (2) dozen pack, which provides more distance and accuracy and features Spin Skin technology for added control from 30 yards in.

Finding the right golf ball for you is not an impossible task. However, always take into consideration the type and construction of the ball to best meet your goals and discover the best golf ball to perfect your game on the course.


It is not unusual to hear people say that the reason why they quit their job is because they lack the necessary motivation. Yes, it is easy to assume that an employee will be loyal to the company and to his job if, and only if, he is motivated enough.

The important question is: What motivates an individual? Humans are interestingly unique creations. People have different takes on almost everything. They have different likes, different concerns, and different fears. They are also motivated in different ways.

A strong company has productive employees which are continuously motivated. Therefore, we must accept that motivation is an important key in employee retention.

Here are five important reasons why high employee retention rate brought about by motivation is beneficial for a company:

1. Motivated employees are productive employees. A company that successfully identified the factors that put a smile on each employee’s face are usually the most successful ones. It can be summarized in this line:




draf ahedIsn’t it beautiful when you don’t hate Mondays and mornings? Is it possible for the company to make their employees feel that waking up every morning to go to work is a blessing? Keep your employees motivated by giving them the best experience they can ever have while at work.


2. Good image for the company; employees can be walking advertisements. The attitude of an employee towards work will reflect in many ways. If an employee tells good stories to friends about his work and his employer, people will have this good impression about the company.


3. The longer the employee stays in the company, the stronger his testimony becomes. Who wouldn’t want employees who advertise the product/service for free? Such employee must be retained.
3. Saves on other expenses; no need for expensive drives or incentives; no need to keep on hiring. Psychologists say that people love being praised often. The “Employee of the Month” campaign and similar boosters used by some companies prove to be fruitful when it comes to motivating employees. This is one of the advantages in maintaining a high employee retention rate over a long period of time. Tenured employees sometimes prefer acknowledgement and appreciation over monetary incentives, especially since they already received these in their earlier years in service. Praise is free. Why limit it?

By being able to keep the best employees, the company will be spared of the expenses brought about by the frequent hiring activities. Job fairs, interviews, assessment, and employment processing entail costs.


4. Saves on time since newly-hired employees must be trained anew. In relation to number 3, newly-hired employees often lack the skills and competency, especially if the job description is kind of complicated. When employee turnover is high, the company will keep on re-hiring, and trainings will be done over and over again. This consumes and wastes a lot of time. Money and time must rather be spent on conceptualizing good programs that focus on employee retention concerns.


5. Employees feel good; employers feel good; consumers/customers feel good. A chain reaction. Most consumers and customers give importance to the things that are “felt.” These things include the satisfaction brought about by the heartfelt service or product value. When an employee stays in a company for a decade or so, whatever he does is already from the heart; his genuine love for his job will be reflected in all the things he does. People who witness this favourable attitude (such as consumers/customers), will keep on coming back. This will in turn make the employers happy and will try to keep the employee motivated so he will always be productive, and the cycle goes on.


What is the bottom-line of all these? Employee-employer relationships cannot be strengthened overnight. It takes years of working together. This is the reason why companies must not take for granted the programs on employee retention that they need to implement. Employees must have good reasons to stay in a company and employers must have good reasons to keep their employees. Motivated and happy employees will disregard any other offer presented to them by other companies. Don’t let them change their mind!